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I’ve had the pleasure of having my jewellery apart of weddings and special occasions over the years and here is a brief story on one.

Two years ago I had a beautiful bride to be come to me wanting to adorn herself, bridesmaids and flower girl in my custom made jewellery for the wedding day.

Tori was such a well organised bride and knew exactly what she wanted even down to each earring stud. Having such a clear vision in regards to the look and theme of their wedding really payed off with such a gorgeous boho lux wedding. Tori chose myself and other jewellers for our originality and our hand made but still glamorous style. Oh and of course had the love of pearls like myself.

Everything was hand done but I took even more care to fit the theme of the wedding and each beautiful person wearing the jewellery. We used sterling silver sheet to hand saw pierce shells, mermaid tails and hearts. Rustic rings were made from wax then cast and I had each one of a kind saltwater pearls personally selected by the bride. The brides necklace inspo came from the star and moon necklace but we added shells with the pearl instead for her own unique look. I was fortunate to be paired with others jewellers I love and together made the look complete.

I love weddings and makes me so happy celebrating love. And for me to be apart of helping someone’s special day to get the look they set out to achieve was the best. 

For future brides trust your vision and plan all the details, you will thank yourself! 
Check out our special occasions collection on link to be inspired . Then feel free to contact me to create your own custom made pieces.