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Tarn Contemporary Jewellery pieces are all unique. The materials & treasures have been carefully selected & need some love & care from their new owner (YOU). Some pieces are more delicate & therefore will require more love than others.

Over time the jewellery can become dirty or tarnish. This is as a result of
dirt, dust, makeup, perfumes, body creams & other various germs accumulating over time.

You may clean your silver pieces with silver cleaner, or gently wash with water & a coarse sponge.



All genuine cultured salt water pearls have been handpicked and selected by tarn. Any markings, irregularities or colour variations are not to be considered defects, rather as what makes your pearl unique & individual.

As with all precious gems, pearls need love & care from their owner. they should
not be directly sprayed with perfume or body sprays or come in direct contact with chlorinated water, body lotions, hair styling products  or shampoo.

It is recommended you wipe your peals with a cloth only & never immerse them in any commercial jewellery cleaners.